Happy Anniversary to being 19 years post-injury!!


                This past Wednesday was the 19th anniversary of my horrific accident and traumatic brain injury.  While I am definitely blessed to be here in 2022, I can’t help to reflect on some of my post-accident memories.  Last summer, I released a book (Like a Snowflake: My experience and recovery from TBI) that details the accident along with my recovery from severe traumatic brain injury.  Releasing the book was very therapeutic for my mental state, my family, and close friends.  The accident and recovery taught me a lot about myself and the will to live.  I believe everything happens on purpose per God’s will, but I also believe that having a mustard seed of faith will take one further than they ever imagined.

                As I think back over my 19 years, I can honestly say I do not have any regrets.  Some of the decisions I made, I wish I could take back or do over.  But I believe through every bruise received, challenge presented, or disappointment from an employer was all divine.  If I had not experienced those things I would not have traveled down the important roads I needed to be on.  Like the one that allowed me to meet my wife online, the opportunity to move to Florida for work, the need to complete my master’s degree, or understanding my purpose.  You may be asking; how did you find out your life’s purpose?   First, I asked God for my purpose, and second, I learned through trial and error. 

                Trial and error?  Yes… I’m still doing things out of sequence but thank goodness for His grace and mercy for putting me back on the right path.  Ever since 2003, I have had many people tell me I should write a book on my experiences.  Previously, I created an outline and typed out an introduction and a few pages to begin the book, but working full time and staying active over the weekends did not give me the time to complete it.  Then in early 2020, I was first released from a contract opportunity and I could not find additional work.  Second, because many of us were forced to stay inside and e-shop trying to stay safe from Covid-19, I was given all of the time I needed to write the book.  So, in June 2020, I began typing daily from 8am-4pm.  It was my new job!  By December, the book was out of my head and began searching for a publisher.  By the end of July 2021, editing, formatting, and publishing was complete!  I don’t know why all of the detailed stories from early 2003 remained in my brain for so long, but the clarity was another hint God was pushing me to write the book.

                After completing the book, I received a good feedback from it.  Various friends and family praised me for my work, and my cousin helped me create a website and blog to attract people to my story.  Then I had another break from focus when I was contacted out of the blue by a recruiter about a remote opportunity to work with an end-user of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  I call this a ‘break from focus’ because at this time, making money was more important than following my purpose. So, I accepted the remote opportunity even though I had booked a speaking engagement with a class of graduate speech pathologists in early December.

                This opportunity was different than any other I previously had.  They were using modules in the software that I had not worked with previously, but I was not given a detailed plan to learn what I needed to know.  Two months into the new job, I was switched to a manager ‘with more structure’, but things did not get better for me.  After the manager change,  things became more stressful and my motivation was gone.  Because I thrived on being motivated, I wondered what would motivate me.  Did I want to be uncomfortable learning something that was no longer my passion, or did I want to be faithful and trust God? I decided to trust God and cut my losses to prevent the bad situation from becoming worse.


                I have seen and been through too many situations where I did not cut my losses.  In April 2003, I was warned 3 times not to buy the motorcycle, but I thought I knew better and look what happened to me.  Because of my past experiences, I’ve learned to listen to my helper who is always talking to my conscience.  I’m still not perfect at this, but I believe I am getting better at discerning.  I am still learning to put my complete trust in God, and will always remember Jeremiah 29:11:  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”  Stay tuned…

Stay strong fellow survivors!   I would love it if you would read my story and leave a comment on Amazon.  



4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to being 19 years post-injury!!”

  1. So glad things are going well for u !, are u still bowling ? Miss u guys , maybe we can get together on you and ricks birthdays?. Hi to Alicia and the family 🥰

    1. Hello Marianne! Thanks for reading my blog!! We’ve been thinking about you guys. I hope all is well for you, Rick and your kids… I am still bowling on Friday nights in Brandon. Let’s keep our June birthday date going… Are you guys interested in going to watch The Rays play against our team from Chicago on June 3-5? We will give you a call to follow up.

  2. Rod……glad to see you back onto your blog again !!!!!!! So are you not working that job in (was it Nebraska) ????

    May you and Alicia have a very Happy & Blessed Easter

    1. Hello Michael! Thanks for reading my blog… I am back on the blog again and no longer working in Nebraska. There was a difference in expectations, so I decided it was better to put more time into helping fellow survivors and being impactful here in Florida. I will be pushing my book again to hopefully reach out to survivors or their family.

      Our Easter was relaxing with family who recently moved down here from the North! I hope yours was well too! Please send Michelle our love!

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