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August 14th, 6:00 pm est

hear a brief overview of the book, raffle, and Q&A with Rodrick Frazier & Guest Therapist Lori bravi

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Rodrick Frazier is a severe Traumatic Brain Injury survivor from a motorcycle accident that left him in a coma for a month in 2003.  His amazing story of survival and recovery was documented in the Chicago Sun Times and US News and World Report.  He became the ‘poster boy’ of the rehab hospital that assisted his recovery.  Not buying into the expectations of this invisible injury he successfully found his life partner, earned a graduate degree, a CDL, and Microsoft Certifications.  Originally from Chicago, IL he has found physical relief, now living near Tampa, FL.

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Scientists believe suppressed memories are created by a process called state-dependent learning. When the brain creates memories in a certain mood or state, particularly of stress or trauma, those memories become inaccessible in a normal state of consciousness. Suppressed memories can then best be retrieved when the brain is back in that state. For the… Read More »How the brain …

Introduction: As a 19-year survivor of severe traumatic brain injury I have wondered on a number of occasions why I am still here.  While I was in rehab, I did not understand my purpose for survival, but now that I have survived almost 20 years I am very sure of the reason God gave me… Read More »Why I am …

Introduction                 As a 19-year severe Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor people will never fully understand or know what it took to get back to where I am today.  I am definitely not back to where I’d like to be, but I am blessed to be doing as much as I am.  Maybe my expectations were… Read More »Goal setting with …

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