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Watch Rod help enlighten the brain injury community as he shares his story as a guest on TBI UNcovered.

Rod speaking on the Many Faces of Alzheimers.

Rod speaking to Lewis University's Cognitive Communication Disorder Class.

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Featured: August 14th, 2021 6:00 pm est

hear a brief overview of the book, raffle, and Q&A with Rodrick Frazier & Guest Therapist Lori bravi

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Rodrick Frazier is a severe Traumatic Brain Injury survivor from a motorcycle accident that left him in a coma for a month in 2003.  His amazing story of survival and recovery was documented in the Chicago Sun Times and US News and World Report.  He became the ‘poster boy’ of the rehab hospital that assisted his recovery.  Not buying into the expectations of this invisible injury he successfully found his life partner, earned a graduate degree, a CDL, and Microsoft Certifications.  Originally from Chicago, IL he has found physical relief, now living near Tampa, FL.

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Introduction:                 I am a 19-year survivor of traumatic brain injury.  While I have made improvements not many expected, I have dedicated myself to learn what I could about brain injury and anything related to it.  Hopefully, I can help others going through their issues/challenges.  For example, I went to my first brain injury educational… Read More »The benefits of …

Introduction:                 This past Wednesday was the 19th anniversary of my horrific accident and traumatic brain injury.  While I am definitely blessed to be here in 2022, I can’t help to reflect on some of my post-accident memories.  Last summer, I released a book (Like a Snowflake: My experience and recovery from TBI) that details… Read More »Happy Anniversary to …

Introduction: As an 18 -year TBI survivor, I have had my challenges with balance.  Brain injury is known as the “invisible injury”, but I believe your ability to get your balance back is the one thing that reminds you that your injury is visible! After my accident, I was in a wheelchair for about 6… Read More »Balance Challenges…

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